About Zoe

Zoe is a contemporary folk/roots artist based in Northern England. 

Her debut album Wishbone is passionate, experimental and unabashed and draws influence from her early Jazz beginnings and mixed european heritage. Featuring a stellar cast of the region’s musicians including Stuart McCallum and Rioghnach Connolly of The Breath and drummer Rob Turner; one third of mercury prize winners Go-go Penguin. 

She is also one third of quirky acoustic/swing trio The Magic Beans with self-effacing guitarist Ulrich Elbracht and stalwart arranger/composer Matt Owens on string bass. You can also see her appear with Californian-adopted Manc songstress Jesca Hoop on her album ‘Undress’.

Cover artwork for Wishbone by Manchester musician Zoe Kyoti. Artwork by Sarah Jarrett. Copyright Zoe Kyoti - Official Site