1   Heaton Beer Festival, Stockport 7:30pm

4   Escape to Freight Island, Manchester 7:30pm

22 Peaky Blinders, Manchester 1pm

26 Oddfellows, Mellor  7pm

27 The Elizabethan, Stockport 8:30pm

29 Stutter & Twitch, Altrincham 1pm



2  Mash Guru, Macclesfield 9:30pm

3  Queen’tessential Picnic, Symphony Gardens, Manchester 12pm

4  Rock Salt, Stockport 8pm

5  The Grove, Wilmslow 1pm

8  Escape to Freight Island, Manchester 7:30pm

10 Red Lion, High Lane 7:30pm

12 Cloudwater Brewery Taproom, Manchester 3pm

17 Village Hotel, Ashton 7:30pm

18 Village Hotel, Hyde 7:30pm

24 The Elizabethan, Stockport 8:30pm



1   Red Lion, High Lane 7:30pm

3  Peaky Blinders, Manchester 12:30pm

9  Rock Salt, Stockport 8pm

21 Oddfellows, Mellor  7pm

29 The Elizabethan, Stockport 8:30pm