Cover artwork for Wishbone by Manchester musician Zoe Kyoti. Artwork by Sarah Jarrett. Copyright Zoe Kyoti - Official Site

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Artwork created by award winning artist Sarah Jarrett

Wishbone – Zoe Kyoti

Released on whest records

Zoe Kyoti’s debut album Wishbone features a stellar cast of Manchester’s finest musicians including the Cinematic Orchestra’s guitar maverick Stuart McCallum and drummer Rob Turner; one third of mercury prize winners Go-go Penguin. Kyoti has made some surprising choices in instrumentation, most notably kalimba, bass harmonica and bottles. So too is McCallum’s acoustic guitar performance on the haunting ballad ‘Palolem Bay’ played not with pick or fingers, but with a drum stick.

Lyrically Kyoti moves effortlessly from the heartache and longing of Palolem Bay and the title track Wishbone. Through optimistic acceptance in No Way Back, to fear and loathing in the eerie Old Rope and My Evil Soul. The latter a cartoon-gypsy-spaghetti western is more than a little tongue and cheek. Track 2, the Southeastern tinged ‘Monsoon’ has been featured in the 2014 movie Dermaphoria as well as benefiting from a reincarnation on Matt Owen’s album ‘The Aviator’s Ball’, arranged for woodwind ensemble.

Released on whest records, an extension of super-fi vinyl pre-amp makers whest audio. Wishbone is passionate, experimental and unabashed. But what’s most apparent about Zyoti’s triumphant debut is the sheer spectrum of colour and warmth it contains.