About Zoe

“Seductive charm comes easily, and her ability to enchant and beguile is a given…yet…interesting for the desire to please co-exists with hints of depravity and malice and just enough dark side to exude a heady sense of danger.” (Mike Butler – Dyverse music)

“Everything Kyoti touches is beautiful, with a singing style as intimate as speech” (City Life Online)

“Impassioned…..and full of dreamy nostalgia” (Adrian Pallant -AP Reviews)

Zoe is a contemporary folk/roots artist born of Anglo-Austrian-Greek-Armenian heritage and residing in Manchester. Expect bittersweet, turbulant tales of adventure and intense longing with more than a few tinges of exotic far-flung places along the way.

She is also one third of quirky acoustic/swing trio The Magic Beans with self-effacing guitar player Ulrich Elbracht and stalwart arranger/composer Matt Owens on double bass. And one quarter of exciting new band The Spirit Radio with innovative Accordion/Harmonium player Adam Fairhall and the masterminds behind the experimental rock projects The Long Dead Sevens and the Sevens Collective; Paul J Rogers and Jenny Hames on guitar, ukulele, electronics and and violin respectively. You can also see her appear with Californian-adopted Manc songstress Jesca Hoop, most recently on her album ‘Undress’.

Zoe Kyoti grew up just east of the spaghetti junction. The first child of a musician and a herbalist or as she liked to think of them – a magician and a witch. In the pram she listened to BB King, Django Reinhardt, Nick Drake & The Doors. At 4 she agreed to go to Ballet lessons on the promise of new shoes, but was devastated to discover they would not be high heeled. The majority of her childhood was spent creating musicals, then bullying and bribing other children into taking part. When she was 7 she cut her first recording; a compilation of nursery rhymes for her baby brother, which she enjoyed far more than him. Her first paid job was as dancer for BRMB Radio’s live shows. Age 15 she started singing in intimate venues with her piano teacher and the rest as they say is a mystery.